Underwood City Sights

The Foss Log Cabin

Original homestead Foss Cabin

The Foss log cabin served as dwelling for over 100 years, with a brief stint as a chicken coop.
The first to live in the cabin were Ole and Anne Foss, original settlers in the area.
The cabin is restored and now stands as a landmark in its original site.
The cabin is located on Oak Ave in the NE part of Underwood.

The Underwood Community Center

Underwood's Community Center. (Contact City Office to use center)

The community center is home to various events in the community.

The MGR-1 Honest John Rocket

The MGR-1 Honest John rocket was the first nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile in the US arsenal.
The rocket which is about 30 feet long, and weighs approximately 7,000 lbs..
It stands at the corner of the Underwood Public School football feild.

Centennial Park

Centenial Park Centenial Park

Centenial Park, located on Main Street Underwood is a place where families can go to have fun.
It has playground equipment, the Lion's Picnic shelter,
and an (extended vision) caboose commemorating the days when the railroad ran through Underwood.

Fort Juelson

Sign located on the old "Whisky Road" from South Turtle Lake Enterance to Fort Juelson Recently added parking lot to the Fort Juelson Site

Fort Juelson was built in 1876 due to the most remarkable Indian scare ever occurring in western Minnesota.
The 120 x 100 foot structure had 4.4 foot thick walls and could house food and ammunition in case an Indian attack occurred.

Phelps Mill

View from Western wooded area Sign Cleaning Machine

Originally built by William E. Thomas, it served as a resource of the community for many years.
Today it is a beautiful park that hosts thousands every summer.

Bass Lake

View of the lake at sunset View of the lake at sunset

Underwood Public School

Underwood Public School